Chicos FAS Inc.

Shop this Look Widget - UX Enhancements

Research | User Testing | UI Design | Prototyping

Project type: Contract

Role: UI/UX Designer

Software: Photoshop, Sketch, and Invision

The Shop this Look feature was an interactive outfitting tool powered by Stylitics and customized to work on all Chico's FAS e-commerce sites. A few weeks after its initial realease, the Data Analytics team found that customers weren't using the feature on mobile devices and conversion rates were down significantly. Through additional research we found that STL failed to meet customer expectations and hindered their ability to shop for outfits efficiently.

Project Overview


  1. Several customers mentioned the navigation was frustrating to use on mobile devices.
  2. Links redirected users off of the page and forced them to reopen the widget and restart the process.
  3. The UI and micro-interactions needed to be improved for the mobile experience.
  4. Stylitics needed additional development work to improve backend integration.

Project Goals

  1. Review prior research to understand the design problem.
  2. Gather design specs and technical requirements.
  3. Build out user flows and create rapid prototypes for user testing.
  4. Collaborate with the dev team to review design and hand-off prototypes.


I delivered my prototypes to the development team after a few quick design iterations. Before the changes were released, testing revealed that my enhancements improved the mobile experience and allowed customers to visualize entire outfits for their wardrobe much better than before, thus improving conversions and creating more opportunities to sell products.

Initial Sketches & Notes

Initial sketches and notes for Shop This Look project

Final Mockups

Finished screens for Shop This Look project

Mobile Prototype

Desktop Prototype