Serious ERP

Design System | Micro Interactions | Information Architecture

Project type: Contract

Role: Product Designer

Software: Figma and After Effects

Serious ERP is a multi-functional software platform built for the growing needs of the home healthcare industry. Initially, the client approached me about improving the design of their ordering/cart system. It soon turned into a large scale project with various technical issues that needed to be solved for. My goal as the designer was to take a design thinking approach to solve these complex problems and improve the usability of their system.

Project Overview

While evaluating the client's software using NNg's Usability Heuristics for UI Design the most glaring issues were lack of consistency and cohesive information architecture. Serious ERP was an oudated system that failed to meet current responsive web design standards—resulting in a poor mobile experience and terrible performance. My goals for this project were to take a design thinking approach to every complex issue I was faced with and ensure the development team had an aresenal of reusable components and clear guidelines to rebuild the site efficiently. I relied upon Google Material Design to do the heavy lifting for me and it turned out to be a smashing success.

Project Goals

  1. Gather design specs and technical requirements of the current system.
  2. Research design systems and component libraries for inspiration and adaptation.
  3. Build new components in Figma that followed Material Design principles and styling.
  4. Create prototypes and facilitate meetings to gather feedback for further refinement.
  5. Work directly with frontend dev team to deliver screens and document design requirements clearly.


After a few short weeks of meetings and working with the client's dev team, we found solutions to many of the issues I uncovered in my heuristic evaluation. Implementing Material's Angular component library and following Google's design principles to refactor the UI was also a welcomed change and a smooth transition from the dev team's perspective.

I consider SERP to be the first successful UX project that I lead solely from start to finish. The use of Google's Material Design principles in my work was a great lesson in interaction design and I gained valuable technical knowledge implementing a frontend framework. It was also the first time I used such a powerful colaborative tool like Figma—allowing me to present my ideas and deliver my work more effectively.


SERP final design mockups

After - Final Mockups

SERP final design mockups

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