Gym Sync

Research | Branding | Product Design

Project type: Senior Academic Project

Role: Branding, Research, UI Design, Rapid Prototypes

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, XD

The Gym Sync App was a senior project conceptualized by me and a team of 4 other students in our User Centered Design class at UCF. My role as the lead designer was to facilitate design sprints to execute all deliverables which included: creation of a viable business model and strategy; market research to define our customer segments and discover gaps that could be exploited; validation of our hypothesis through user testing and surveys; and ideation of the brand identity and user interface.

Project Overview


While researching workout apps we found that our competitors did not offer people seeking a personal trainer the ability to connect with one in their area or a way for personal trainers to market themselves. Our strategy was to design a product that solved those problems and delivered solutions for each user.


  1. Develop a viable business model by defining revenue streams and customer segments.
  2. Create a clear value proposition for our product.
  3. Test our hypothesis and validate assumptions with real people.
  4. Design an end-to-end experience based on validated user research.

Design Process

Gym Sync UX design process

Market Matrix Chart

Gym Sync Market Matrix Chart


Gym Sync workout app lo-fidelity prototype

Screen Flow

Gym Sync workout app user flow diagram showcase

Final Mockups

Gym Sync workout app high fidelity prototype showcase