Chicos FAS Inc.

Simply Soma Subscription Service

Research | User Testing | UI Design | Prototyping

Project type: Contract

Role: UI/UX Designer

Software: Photoshop, Sketch, and Invision

Simply Soma was a subscription service for Soma's line of clothing and accessories. The goals of the business were to increase customer retention and maximize recurring revenue through a partnership with Ordergroove, a 3rd party e-commerce platform. My team and I had a vested interest in ensuring the feature met our usability standards and that it was integrated properly on Soma's website. I found several issues and addressed them accordingly using best practices.

Project Overview

Problems & Constraints

  1. Before the UX team was informed of the project, there was no strategy or plan on how the service should work or support customers.
  2. An extremely short window of time to make design improvements before development started.
  3. Ordergroove's codebase was difficult to customize and retrofit to Soma's website.
  4. No clear direction from Soma on design specifications.

Project Goals

  1. Work directly with Ordergroove and the Soma marketing team to gather design requirements.
  2. Build screen flows, UI components, landing pages, and write clear messaging for each step of the order process.
  3. Work with developers and hand-off screens with clear design requirements and documentation.


After several stakeholder meetings and refinements I was able to deliver my screens well before the deadline while working with my team and developers to alleviate pain points and account for scenarios that could potentially cause dissatisfaction with the product—improving it significantly.

Note: The most difficult part of this project was that our team knew Soma customers didn't find value in a subscription service for products that Soma offered—the analytics team sent out multiple surveys months before validating these facts. However, even after expressing our concerns, the business made the decision to move forward with the project.

Design Callouts

  1. The "MSI" interface was how users managed their orders and subscription settings on Soma's website.
  2. Ordergroove's out-of-the-box page was poorly designed and did not meet our UI guidlines or follow UX best practices.
  3. This screen shows the redesigned version I created using Soma's Style Guide, callouts to document issues, and suggestions to improve the UX.
My Account Design Callout

Screen Flow

Simply Soma Subscription Service Screen Flow

Task Flow

Simply Soma Subscription Service Flowchart