Best Case Cloud - Invoices & Payments

Testing | User Flows | UI Design | Prototyping | Documentation

Role: Lead Product Designer

Software: Figma

After joining the bankruptcy division I was tasked with redesigning the Invoices & Payments feature for Best Case Cloud. Because it is an integral part of the software and a huge revenue driver for the business, I felt a lot of pressure in making sure the design was easy to use. On top of having no prior experience working on a payment system, it needed to support unique scenarios only found in bankruptcy law, which made it even more complex. But with the help of cognitive walkthroughs, design reviews, and user testing, I was able to design a flexible tool that helped users collect payments from their clients with much less effort.

Project Overview

Stretto’s corporate restructuring team uses an internal system (Case Admin) to manage cases, prepare documents/E-ballots, and solicit creditors through an external system (Electronic Ballot Website) so they can upload documents, enter information into forms, and vote on ballots to drive the outcome of Chapter 11 cases in the U.S. bankruptcy court system.


    Case Admin (Case team - internal system)
  1. The existing system was extremely difficult for new users to learn.
  2. The WYSIWYG text editor used to prepare ballots was prone to errors, performance issues, and had lousy document formatting controls.
  3. Users couldn't generate an ballot in PDF form so creditors could read through important information and vote based on an informed decision.
  4. Case Admin lacked a mechanism to group and separate ballots for certain types of creditors.
  5. Ballots for certain types of cases couldn't be customized—forcing users to find time consuming and difficult hacks to get their job done.
  6. Electronic Ballot Website (Creditors - external system)
  7. Creditors who were unknown to Stretto's internal system couldn't access ballots to vote.
  8. The system lacked single-sign-on capability—creditors were forced to log into each ballot separately.
  9. Creditors couldn't upload documents to the system and verify their identity or edit/add information needed by the case team.
  10. Creditors didn't have the ability to view ballots in PDF format, which made the voting process prone to user errors.


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After several stakeholder meetings, blah, blah, blah.

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