Solicitation - E-Ballot Setup Enhancement

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Role: Lead Product Designer

Software: Figma

While with the corporate restructuring division I was appointed as Lead Product Designer on the E-ballot Setup Enhancement. The major challenge of this project was that it encompassed two complex software systems. Both had to be redesigned to add new features, remove existing pain ponts, and allow users to carry out tasks with less effort. With careful research and consideration I reinvented each workflow to maximize efficiency and significantly improve the experience for internal and external users.

Project Overview

Stretto’s corporate restructuring team uses an internal system (Case Admin) to manage cases, prepare documents/E-ballots, and solicit creditors through an external system (Electronic Ballot Website) so they can upload documents, enter information into forms, and vote on ballots to drive the outcome of Chapter 11 cases in the U.S. bankruptcy court system.

Case Admin (Internal System) - Design Problems

  1. Training new employees to learn the legacy system was costly and time-cosuming.
  2. If users made an error setting up an E-ballot, there was no immediate feedback to inform users of the sytem's status.
  3. Users had to write HTML markup in the WYSIWYG editor, a skill many did not have, but were forced to learn to prepare ballots.
  4. Users were forced to select each ballot to view or edit via dropdown menu—some cases had up to 30 ballots!
  5. E-Ballots couldn't be previewed before they were published—which increased the chance of errors visible to creditors.
  6. Case Admin lacked a mechanism to generate alternate URLs for creditors to request a password to access a ballot to vote.
  7. Users didn't have the ability to group and separate ballots for certain types of creditors.

Legacy E-Ballot setup UI - WYSIWYG text editor

Legacy E-ballot setup interface

    Case Admin (Internal System) - Design Solutions

  1. Keep existing tools users were familiar with intact such as Microsoft Word, for example.
  2. Reinvent the E-ballot setup process by using a 3rd party Word document to PDF generator.
  3. Introduce an Overview page where users could see a list of all E-ballots related to their case.
  4. Separate the UI by grouping each task users had to perform into individual sections.
  5. Allow users to preview their prepared word doc (E-ballot) in a PDF viewer before publishing it live.

Redesigned E-Ballot setup UI

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Redesigned E-ballot setup interface

E-Ballot overview UI design

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E-Ballot Overview interface

E-Ballot grouping UI design

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E-ballot Grouping interface

Electronic Ballot Website (External System) - Design Problems

  1. Creditors who were unknown to Stretto's internal system couldn't log into the site.
  2. The system lacked secure single-sign-on capability—creditors were forced to log into each ballot separately to vote.
  3. Creditors couldn't upload documents to the system and verify their identity or edit/add information needed by the case team.
  4. Creditors didn't have the ability to view ballots in PDF format, which made the voting process cumbersome.

Existing EBW interface

Legacy E-ballot setup interface

    Electronic Ballot Website (External System) - Design Solutions

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