Chicos FAS Inc.

Product Zoom - UX Enhancements

Research | User Testing | UI Design | Prototyping

Project type: Contract

Role: UI/UX Designer

Software: Photoshop, Sketch, and Invision

My second project while working for Chico's was to evaluate the UX of the Product Zoom feature for all devices and propose changes across the entire line of Chico's FAS e-commerce sites. I knew the Zoom feature hadn't been updated in years, so I performed a hueristic evaluation and a competitive analysis to gather insight, new ideas, and distill my findings in a Powerpoint deck to share with business stakeholders.

Project Overview


  1. Customers lacked the ability to closely inspect products and were therefore less confident making a purchase.
  2. The Product Zoom feature didn't afford users the ability to pinch and zoom on mobile devices.
  3. Images being used for the zoom feature were not optimized properly to improve performance.

Project Goals

  1. Distill key takeaways from competitive research, heuristic evaluations, and document all findings.
  2. Create necessary deliverables and present findings to stakeholders to discuss and gain alignment.
  3. Collborate with dev team to find technical solutions and improve the feature quickly with minimal effort.


After my presentation, the decision was made to move forward with many of my suggestions. I collaborated with the development team to implement the enhancements quickly and the project was finished weeks ahead of schedule. Testing revealed our customers were pleased with the changes.

Research & Analysis Deck

Final Design

Mobile Prototype

Desktop Prototype